Conservation of water & Environment

DO KADAM HAMARE SAATH works for the conservation of water and sanitation. We organizes awareness camp, Rally, Nukkad Natak in the community on save water and environment . The IEC activities undertaken by DO KADAM HAMARE SAATH to:


  • Mobilise the village residents to use water resources judiciously and keep wastage to minimum
  • Promote the importance of rain water harvesting structures.
  • Promote proper and safe disposal of solid and liquid waste.
  • Safeguard and replenish sources of water.
  • Safe Drinking Water at schools and Aanganwadis.


In villages where only dirty drinking water is available, water tests and water filters are introduced. Sometimes new bore wells were drilled and hand pumps or rope pumps were installed at locations where clean water is available. Sometimes water tanks also constructed to store water during the hours with electricity.

In villages with water scarcity, rainwater harvesting and storage tanks for drinking water are introduced. Construction of toilets is promoted where open defecation is still prevalent and is causing pollution of the ground water. 

Stagnant water in streets and alleys is avoided by construction of household soakage pits or by establishment of proper drainage systems. The work is done in cooperation with the locally elected Village Councils and with economic support for the villages from the Departments of Rural Development.