Community Interventions

The following projects have been taken up by DO KADAM HAMARE SAATH:


1. Women Empowerment Project

 The project aimed at economic emancipation of the poor women and their improved status of 50 women by inculcating appropriate entrepreneurial skills, credit management towards dealing with the prevailing gender issues. It was also meant to strengthen women’s role in the family and in local governance by sensitizing them and their counterparts. Under this project, DO KADAM HAMARE SAATH took up awareness generation of women in day-to-day issues leading to their overall empowerment. The various trainings conducted for SHG women are leadership training, women’s rights, savings promotion, lending and credit management and cluster promotion. These trainings are given to increase the leadership quality.


2. Health Projects

We also took up the initiative to hold health camps for children and women. A general health camp was organized to educate the women about the importance of timely vaccination for their infants. A health check up for children was conducted for our community. We had volunteers raising awareness on HIV/AIDS and educating the women about their rights.

 3. Conservation of Water and Environment

 DO KADAM HAMARE SAATH takes initiative to improve the water quality in selected villages through perspective planning, awareness building, demonstrations and community action. It aims to create water consciousness in the community where poor rural inhabitants do not have access and availability of this key resource.