Aims and Objectives

The aims and objectives of DO KADAM HAMARE SAATH include socio-economic, cultural and educational upliftment of the society and its people, especially the women and children.


1) Work for welfare of women and children especially rural poor under-privileged sections of the society.

2) Provide a basic forum for research on education, early childhood care and education, literacy, health and family welfare, and on other social and cultural issues.

3) Undertake the publication of printed and audio-visual materials for children and social welfare activities.

4) Undertake awareness building activities for the education and literacy, especially of girl child.

5) Provide child-care centres in areas where these facilities are lacking.

6) Render counselling services on health, education, social and economic justice and provide legal assistance to poor and needy persons.

7) Arrange seminars and conferences on educational, cultural, social and current issues.

8) Start vocational and skill development training centres for women and youth particularly of deprived section.

10) Create awareness among the people on social issues through cultural activities and stage shows.

11) To collaborate with other likeminded organizations and institutions.

12) Undertake any other activities which would be necessary for achieving the aims and objectives of the organizations.